Xiaomi Mi6 Camera! Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone 2016 is the top level upcoming Smartphone. Every Year Xiaomi release one New and Best Smart Phone. Their Smartphone always took the Number 1 Position on the Targeted Country. The main attraction of Xiaomi Mi 6 Phone is its Largest Megapixel Camera, Big Screen and 4K Ultra high Defination Display. We’ll describe details about all the available Topic. Here you’ll get a better concept about Xiaomi Smartphone 23 MP Primary Camera and 7 to 10 MP Secondary Camera. You will also get the information about its Large Screen and UHD Display. So Read more below about your query.

Xiaomi Mi6 Camera, Screen and Display Short Info:

Xiaomi Mi6 Camera is the Main Attraction of Whole Smartphone. Research shows that, Currently it will look that the customer providing the Reviews about its Camera. On the Social Media Platform, People comments about the 23 Megapixel Camera of Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone 2016. On the Current running Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone  is also popular. Let’s Make an experience with Xiaomi Mi6.

23 Megapixel Primary and 7-10 Megapixel Secondary Camera:

Currently Xiaomi Mi5 is realized with a great status due to its awesome performance in taking high quality photos. The next generation (June 2016) Xiaomi Mi6 will also be no different. It may faster and more quality from Mi5. The device is held to feature a 23 Megapixel primary camera and Maximum10 Megapixel secondary camera.

This is an important update on the condition of the Camera MP range from Xiaomi Mi5 to Xiaomi Mi6. Xiaomi Mi5 has16 MP Primary camera and 6 MP front Camera. But, on the Xiaomi Mi6 upgrade to 23 MP Primary Camera and Maximum 10 MP or Minimum 7 MP Front Camera. Besides, Both cameras will feature visual image calming and providing autofocus options. This system will make Xiaomi Mi6 the best video recording and photo capturing device in 2016.

Xiaomi Mi6 Screen:

Xiaomi Mi6 Screen Size increases more than 5.0 inches, which are available on Xiaomi Mi5. The screen Size selected as 4K. Screen Resolution provided 4096 X 2160 on Xiaomi Mi6.The another attraction of this Smartphone is the High Resolution Screen. The Latest Smartphone Xiaomi Mi6 Rumor brings the Screen with near PPI 700. The Smartphone Looks beautiful with this Large Screen.

Xiaomi Mi6 4K UHD Display

Xiaomi Mi6 will release with 5.2 Inch UHD (Ultra High Defination) Display. This bigger screen is Perfect for the People who are movie lover. On the Xiaomi Mi6 Display you can enjoy more while You will Watch a Video on this Smartphone. The color of Display or Screen will be extremely vibrant. You will feel relaxed when playing a game on the large Diplay of Xiaomi Mi6. We manually explain you that, The Smartphone will provide you unique and Awesome Experience in your current lifestyle.

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