6 Nov '15

US House Declares to Use Open Source Software

Open source software providers have recently found a new market and it is the US House of Representatives which contains 435 members. It will make so many potential users from this market easily to use open source when the staffs of the House will start to use it along with other committees of the House will be added to the whole total. Three advocacy organizations already have jointly announced last month to use the open source technology and they are as- Congressional Data Coalition, OpenGov Foundation, and Sunlight Foundation. So, the committees, members of committees and other staff will be able to use the software of open source and can be a part of software community that is based on open source.

Mixed up with Key Committees

This open source technology using effort started in the last fall, when some advocacy groups make petition to change the rule to adopt open source software in the House. It gets more support in the last year by many members of the house. The House Ethnics Committee considers the point and informs the members who make petition that there is restricted to use open source technologies. Moreover, the committee asks for the procurement and detail information about the issue.

Constituents and Legislation Tools

Use of open source technology is many in the practical, because here is a lot of apps are available. “Various open source tools are found that will help Congress members and their staffs make conduct and policy oversight successfully, while accumulates cash and time,” noted Matt Rumsey, the policy associating person at the Sunlight Foundation.

“For instance, the Sunlight Foundation’s tools of Scout give a free and powerful alert framework, permitting anybody to stay aware of administrative changes, new regulations, important court choices, office examiner general reports, and more,” he added to the E-Commerce Times.


“The administrative procedure is still to a great extent an obscure, confounding and paper-based one, in spite of the latest advances in the U.S. House on open administrative information,” watched Seamus Kraft, official executive of the OpenGov Foundation.


β€œThe process of legislation is still on the way of an opaque, paper based and confusing one, instead of recent advancements in the US House of Representative on the issue of open source legislative data.” stated by the Seamus Kraft who is the executive director of a committee is named OpenGov Foundation. He added more,” it is drafted by hand of the important amendment, bills are dropping physically in the Capitol box, and if you want a bill or hearing online still it is not possible.”

Connection to the Broad Community of the House

The House of Representative is connected to the Broad Community, and they are ready to use open source apps as well.

They get the decision after the dialog within the congressional offices and the advocacy group of open source, both the administration and the Ethnics Committees.


So, the open source software providers are should be happy to know that they have these new clients and clients will make more users in the future as well.

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