US Cloud Dominance is Threaten by EU Court Decision


US Cloud Dominance! Issue of Edward Snowden gets new chapter in the European Court of Justice and they reject an agreement between the European Union and the US concerning to the US companies handling with personal data of US citizens. Framework of The Safe Harbor is designed for data protection of European citizens and that was ignored by the authorities in the US.

Not at Period as Grace

“The companies who are able to use the framework of Safe Harbor to protect data and those who meet the directions of EU need not follow it.” said by the Vice President, Fred Kost, of HyTrust. “The decision of ECJ is effected without any period of grace and the companies who are not following the decision are at the risk of legal potential.” He added continuously,

“In the event that organizations need to totally go along, it likely implies that they must analyze what information they have from countries in the EU and start moving the information to framework housed in those countries or show that it is out of reach if put away on a foundation outside those countries by means of encryption or access controls,” Kost clarified. “The danger to organizations lies in how rapidly requirement or legitimate move is made.” The choice “could be a fiasco for Internet clients all around,” watched the president of TechFreedom, Berin Szoka.

Action is needed from the White House

It is important to take immediate action from the Obama Administration to start a new agreement of the Safe Harbor to make the internet flawlessly and open all over the world, Szoka asked.


The Obama Administration should act promptly to start another Safe Harbor agreement if the Internet is to proceed as an open, worldwide medium, Szoka contended. “A Safe Harbor 2.0 will require more prominent straightforwardness about information accumulation and thorough consistence – not simply by U.S. organizations, yet by U.S. government offices, which were not bound by the 2000 Safe Harbor assenting,” he brought up. “In the event that Congress had moved quicker to pass protection changes after the Snowden releases, this choice may have been maintained a strategic distance from.”

Dispute of Commerce

“It is difficult to continue digital commerce without good understanding as well as a favorable agreement between US and EU” said by Castro. As the significance development of cloud computing, it was normal that United States would have overpowering strength of the worldwide business sector. That changed after Snowden’s disclosures. “You can point the finger at Snowden, yet it is ideal to accuse the general population who made it so,” said by Yorgen Edholm who is CEO of an organization. “The U.S. is accustomed to dealing with its own issues first and disregarding the issues of others. This is the first occasion when I’ve seen that cause a basic hiccup,” he told.


So, Cloud Dominance of the US and the issues are raised concerning this matter could be solved by the action of the Obama Administration, otherwise, the flow the internet worldwide would be disrupted.


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