The burden of tax on mobile subscribers is increasing in the new budget. According to reliable sources, it is proposed to impose additional ‘10% supplementary duty’ on talk time (talk time). At present, about 15 percent of the value-added tax (VAT), 5 percent of the supplementary duty, and 1 percent of the total surcharges, including about 22 percent of the total mobile service tax on mobile services.

With this tax in the current budget, adding ‘excess’ to five percent is added. When additional tax is implemented, the total tax on mobile services will be around 27 percent. As a result, the cost of the customer’s talk will increase further.

That means if a customer recovers 100 rupees, then the government will take around 27 rupees from the tax, which now has 22 rupees. As a result, the more the customer will talk, the more the government will be able to get the tax. Currently, the number of mobile subscribers in the country is about 16 crore If the proposed supplementary tariff rate is implemented in the budget, the burden of excess tax on 16 million subscribers will be burdened.

Researchers say the multi-dimensional services of mobile have increased, which has reached the grassroots level. In this situation, there may be adverse effects on imposing an additional tax in the mobile sector.