Teletalk Online care: Details about Tele Tune

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  1. How Customers will download Tele Tune/Songs through SMS?

Ans: Customers will be able to download songs/Tele Tune through below SMS:
TT Code and send to 5000
[N.B.: SMS charge is not applicable]

  1. How charging will happen for Tele Tune?

Ans: At the time of first time subscription and renewal, system will try to charge monthly subscription amount from customers. If monthly charging is not possible, then based on the customers balance amount Fortnightly/Weekly/Daily charging is attempted.

  1. What are the other channels to activate Tele Tune service?

Ans: Customers can also avail the Tele Tune service by dialing 5000, SMS and CCC gui.

  1. What will be charging scenario in case of reactivation?

Ans: Subscribers will have to pay for reactivation. He will be charged the normal Activation amount.

  1. How many songs a customer can download/keep in gallery?

Ans: A customer will be able to download/keep at best 100 songs in Tele Tune gallery.

  1. How customers will able search songs through SMS?

Ans: Customers will able to search songs by sending following SMS:

* Search Song by Artist Name
TT FIND ARTIST and send to 5000

* Search Song by Song Name
TT FIND SONG and send to 5000

* Search Song Based on Promo code
Query <>and send to 5000

* Find Song Name and send to 5000