Telecommunication Standard Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering


As a Telecommunication Students we need to know details about Different Types of Telecommunication Standard. Here we collect all data about Worldwide Telecommunication Standard. Till 1965, For Build Telecommunication Standard, Telecommunication Depend on International Telecommunication Union.
The Telecommunication Standard are:
• Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T): It’s Contain on Telecommunication Standard for ITU (International Telecommunication Union)
• Radio Communication Sector (ITU-R): It’s Depend on Radio Communication. It’s also manage International Radio Frequency Spectrum, Manage Satellite orbit Resource.
• Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D): It’s Maintain the Terms of condition, Training Program, Economic Tools, Regulation on the Development Country.
• Another Different Telecommunication Sector:

* CDMA 2000:
The Full Meaning of CDMA is Code Division Multiple Access. It’s a high Quality 2.5G/3G Mobile Communication Standard. All kinds of high quality Mobile Communication Standard use CDMA.

The Full Meaning of MPEG is Moving Picture Experts Group. It’s a Working Group of ISO/IEC. It’s also build Video and Audio frequency Standard.
Official Designation of MPEG is ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 WG11

* MPEG Standard:
There are too many MPEG Standard is Available.
• MPEG-1: Video and Audio Compression in Start, Next for Video CD (Compact Disk) and MP3 Audio Compression.
• MPEG-2: For Broadcast Quality Television Transport, Video and Audio Standard.
• MPEG-3: Only Design for HDTV (High Density Television)
• MPEG-4: For Describe Details about MPEG-1
• MPEG-A: Multimedia Application System
• MPEG-B: Moving Picture Experts Group System Technologies.
• MPEG-C: Moving Picture Experts Group Video Technologies.
• MPEG-D: Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Technologies.
• MPEG-E: Multimedia Middle Ware.

* RS-232: It Mean Recommended Standard-232. In Telecommunication, Recommended Standard-232 is a Standard which use for connect in Binary Signal on DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) and DCE (Data Circuit Terminating Equipment)
The Another Interface like Recommended Standard-232 are-
Recommended Standard-422, Recommended Standard-423, Recommended Standard-499, Recommended Standard-485, MIL-STD-188, EIA-530, TIA-574.

Requirements of Telecommunication:
The Main Step of this Process is-
• Message
• Encoder
• Transmitter
• Channel/Transmission Path (Mixed Noise)
• Receiver
• Decoder
• Message

A List of Major Telecommunication Standard Making bodies:
• ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
• CISPR (International Special Committee on Radio Interference)
• Ecma International (Previously called ECMA)
• IEC (International Electro technical Commission)
• IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
• EIA (Electronics Industries Alliance)
• IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)
• ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
• ITU (The International Telecommunication Union)
• ITU-R (ITU Radio Communication Sector)
• ITU-T (ITU Telecommunication Sector)
• ITU-D (ITU Telecommunication Development)
• OMA (Open Mobile Alliance)
• TIA (The Telecommunication Industry Association)



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