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Status of Telecommunication all over the world

Uses of telecommunication in our real life:
All kinds of people are always related with telecommunication. It is important for a modern society. Most of are-
Entertainment and more
The overall Telecommunication fields in Bangladesh:
Bangladesh telecommunication sector change their addition properly in last two year.
Calling code of Bangladesh Telecommunication sector +880 sub codes.
Numbering plan :+88015 N1 N2N3N4N5N6N7N8
BTTB changed to Bangladesh telecommunication company limited (BTCL)
National telecommunication policy and international long distance telecommunication service (ILDTS)policy 2007 control a commotion to all mobile operator Interconnection exchange (ICX) and all international call international gateway (IGW).
Operator List:
International Gateway (IGW) Operators:
• Bangla Trac Communication Limited
• Mir Telecom
• Novotel Limited
• Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited

Interconnection Exchange (ICX) Operator:
• Getco Telecommunication Limited
• M & H Telecommunication Limited
• Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited
• Airtel Bangladesh Limited

International Internet Gateway (IIG) Operators:
• Mango Teleservices Limited
• Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited

Bangladesh PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Operators Are-
• BTCL (Former BTTB)
• Ranks Telecommunication Limited
• Tele Barta Limited- Branded Under The Name Jubok Phone
• Jalalabad Telecom Limited- Branded under the name Bijoy Phone
• One Tel Communication Limited
• National Telecommunication Limited
• Peoples Telecom Limited
• Westec Limited
• Dhaka Telecom Company Limited
• Sheba Phone Limited (ISL)
• S. A Telecom System Limited
• Banglaphone

The Total user of Public switched Telephone Network Till 2009 in Bangladesh was 1.372 Million.

Mobile Phone:
Currently (In 2015) in Bangladesh There are Six Items Mobile Phone Operators Are Available.
• Grameenphone Limited (GP)
• Axiata Bangladesh Limited (Robi)
• Sheba Telecommunication Limited (Banglalink)
• PBTL (Citycell)
• Teletalk Bangladesh Limited (Teletalk)
• Airtel Bangladesh Limited (Airtel)

Radio Broadcast Station are-
AM 12, FM 12, Short Wave 2 (1999)
The Government Radio Channel Broadcast From Dhaka And Other Different District.
Now a Days, The Private Radio Channel Are Most Popular to The Youth.
The Popular Private Radio Channel Are-
• Radio Today FM
• Radio Foorti FM
• Radio Amar FM
• Radio Metrowave
• ABC Radio
• Radio Circle

The Coverage of Private Radio Channel is Limited.
Private Radio Channel Broadcast from Dhaka And Nearest District of Dhaka.

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