Skitto Call Rates

Many people are asking Skitto SIM Call Rates. We are making this post to inform the Grameenphone Skitto users. In this post, we are describing Latest/update Call Rates of Skitto SIM. Not only Call Rates, but we have also added SMS Rates and other Tariff Plan. Skitto customers will get Three Category of Tariff where Skitto to Skitto, Skitto to Grameenphone and Skitto to others. Let’s check the Skitto Call Rate 2019 and enjoy.

All the Skitto users can Enjoy their Skitto SIM to use Internet Offer, Call Rate Offer, SMS Offer & More. All of the offers are available on this post. Let’s check details quickly on the below.

Skitto Call Rates


Skitto Call Rate 2019 Details:

Call TypeTimeCall RateWith VAT, SD & SurchargePulse
Skitto to Skitto24 hours0.50/min0.60875/min1 Sec
Skitto to other GP products0.50/min0.60875/min
Skitto to any local  number0.50/min0.60875/min
Video call0.60/min0.7305/min


Skitto SMS Rate 2019:

lass="table" border="1px solid #f7038e">SMS TypeTimeSMS ChargeWith VAT, SD & SurchargeSkitto to skitto24 hours0.25/SMS0.30/SMSSkitto to other GP numbers0.50/SMS0.61/SMSSMS (skitto to any local number)0.50/SMS0.61/SMSInternational number2.50/SMS3.04/SMS


It is the update Call Rates of Grameenphone Skitto Package users. If any change detects from our end, we will update the call Rate instantly.