Signaling Systems Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering


* What is signaling system?

Signaling system is a system which control exchange, network database and save the programing note. Users make exchange with another user in this system. In another way, we can tell that, when a transmitter media, a transmission media. A channel and a receiver work together, transfer signal place to place is called signaling system.

If you need to know proper experience, you need to divide the topic. Our topic divides in two words or phrase, that’s signal and system.There are too many way for transmit signal place to place. Most of them are:

SS7 protocol, Public switched telephone network (PSTW) networks telephone system, IP telephone system, SS7 Sims (short message service) gate way, ISUP, Voice over IP phone system.

But in different way, Whole signaling systems divided into & step: (i) In band signaling (ii) out of band signaling and (iii) signaling in ISD.

Details: (i) there is a signal channel available on in band signaling and it has also too many problem like long call set up time (minimum w-20 second) data transfer limited. It cannot modify the call process.

(ii) Its processing system is very easy. Here use a common data channel for transmits signal information.

(iii) It is an international signaling system. It has two kinds of signaling component.

Aptly, it is connected with users and network node. 2ndly here can easily transmit the signal by network node.

If you want to learn more about signaling system please stay with us. We promise to you that, in the future we inform give you a better experience abut signaling system. Because, Present Time if you do not learn about signaling system or networking system you do not configure your development life.

Signaling system distribute by a structure:

In a common example ,I can tell you that the train run by its line ,bus , track , car and other vehicles run by the selected road for each this destination. Like that, networking system working with a structure and it is called signaling network structure! We know that, networking system working system signal or data transmission work in the five ways!

Information source: who called information or signal it can be audio voice, data or video signal.

Transmitter: After collecting information transmitter transmits the signal .Sometimes it needs to convert or amplify.

Channel: channel is a transmitter media .It is also connected with noise and disforton.It is always kept ready to carry signal.

Receiver: receiver receive the desire signal form channel and convert it to original signal (if need)

Destination: It is the last step of signal transmission .It called data from receiver directly.

Signaling network divide into 3 classifications.

  • Associate mode of signaling: It is cannot the signal into two points can deport it manually. Cheap internet service provider (cheap ISP) is the best example of this type signaling.
  • Non-Associate wide of link setup by default, those crease one or more signal point.
  • Quasi Associate wade of signaling: This type of signal related with non-associate made of signaling. Here transmit a signaling massage by a path and the path is predetermined and still.

Here are some another systems like internet speed too many ISP (internet service provider) give HSPA (high speed package access) HSUPA (High speed Upload packet Access) HSDPA (high speed download package access) , Broadband , wireless etc. All of internet companies working as the providing rules for transmit signal.



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