Robi Jhot Pot Balance New Feature Up To 100 Taka


All Robi prepaid customers except Uddokta, easyload, Corporate and SME can enjoy upto BDT 100 Jhotpot Balance which allows them to make necessary calls or SMS consumption during the urgent need when the balance is finished.

Eligible Package

All Robi prepaid except Uddokta, Easyload, Corporate prepaid and SME

Offer Details

– All Robi prepaid (except Uddokta, Easy load, corporate & SME) subscribers will be eligible for Jhotpot Balance.
– Through this feature all the Robi prepaid subscriber will be eligible to get Jhotpot Balance of BDT 05-100.
– Jhotpot Balance credit limit will be changed every month depending on the customers usages and recharge pattern
– For Registration in Jhotpot Balance, customers need to dial *8811*1# (FOC) or Type “START” send it to 8811.
– For De-registration in Jhotpot Balance, customers need to dial*8811*2# (FOC) or typing “STOP” & send it to 8811.
– Customers can use this Jhotpot Balance amount for any local voice calls, local SMS, & any Voice and/or SMS Bundle Purchase.
– In the next recharge of the customer, the Jhotpot balance (70% of the credit amount or total limit whichever is lower will be applicable) amount will be deducted from the recharged/refilled amount
– Customer can enjoy till the maximum/full limit of his/her Jhotpot Balance amount. Once the Credit amount is fully consumed, no further credit will be allowed till s/he repays the loan (partially/totally).
– Respective package call charge & pulse will be remain unchanged while availing Jhotpot Balance
– Customers will be able to check the Jhotpot Balance amount by dialing *222*16# (FOC)
– To enjoy Jhotpot Balance customer needs to have main account validity
– Any IDD / Roaming usage is not applicable in Jhotpot Balance