Robi Circle Details

CIRCLE is a unique, mobile-centric, SMS-based social network

This liberates the experience from a web connection and makes it available to anyone with even the most basic mobile phone. It also lets you access the social network whenever you want, anywhere you bring your mobile making it a deeper part of your life. Only Robi has this service in Bangladesh.

Circle APP – an extended version of existing mobile-centric, text-based social network “Circle” with new & powerful features to circle with strangers & make new friends.
You can create anonymous chat group/s & chat one2one or in group. You can send message, poke, shout, comment, invite users, search users by location and much more! There is no charge to download Circle APP except internet charge.


What’s new in App

– Chat using APP / SMS, more flexibility
– Can send image or voice message beside text message
– Send Can send Stickers/Emojis
– Real time messaging
Location based friend search
– Easy APP based GUI with activity & ease in chatting
– Real time notification on h/s status bar to drive engagement

Charging for Buying Points

Points Charge Code to Purchase
150 points BDT 5 type “CPOINTS 150” and send to send it to 8880
350 Points BDT 10 type “CPOINTS 350” and send to send it to 8880

Points Charging for using CIRCLE

Service Keyword Points Deduction
Register CREG User will get 500 points on registration
Poke CPOKE System will deduct 5 points
Shout CSHOUT System will deduct 10 points
COM CCOM System will deduct 10 points
Chat Room CHAT ROOM System will deduct 100 points
Chat Msg CHAT msg System will deduct 100 points