Robi 4.5G is now on iPhone

Robi 4.5G is now on iPhone

iPhone is now ready for Robi 4.5G Network. The iPhone users can now use Robi 4.5G Internet Server from their iPhone. For celebrating this, Robi users will get 200% Internet Bonus upon Activating 2GB Internet Package (316 TK Recharge). They will receive 2GB 4G Data Bonus and also 2GB for any Network Internet.

How to Set Robi 4.5G on iPhone?

Let’s set 4.5G Network on your iPhone Device. All iPhone users are now eligible to use Robi 4.5G Network on their Device. If you can’t use 4.5G Service, Let’s check the below Issue.

Robi 4.5G is now on iPhone

  • Dial *123*44# and make sure that your SIM card is 4G Enabled.
  • To use Robi 4.5G Internet, you must need to have iOS 11.3.1 or higher Version
  • For updating iOS Version manually, Go: Settings > General > Software Update
  • For automatic updates, Install Carrier Bundle Software.
  • Turn on the LTE option

If you have completed all of these settings, you are now completed to use Robi 4.5G Internet service on your iPhone. For any more information, let’s write us on the below Comment box.