BlackBerry has released its Priv smartphone, which was expected for a long time, it’s the first device of BlackBerry that is Android-based. It has the latest version of Android of Lollipop with slider driven along with hexa-core processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 and a GPU of Adreno 418. It contains 3GB RAM who consumes low-power and the storage is 32 GB with camera of 18 MP.

The CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen said at the beginning of the year that, It was in their plan that they will release its Android-based device after it secured properly.”

“The way that the BB Priv underpins both the organization’s customary OS as well as Android ought to make the smartphone a strong choice for existing BB clients who need have the capacity to look over a more extensive scope of applications,” Charles King, analyst of Pund-IT, told TechNewsWorld.


“It’s a decent decision for buyers and organizations that lean toward physical consoles to the virtual adaptations on most different phones. Those are both of users to play to for the time being,” King said.

What do the Critics Say?

They have much review with mixed opinion, like a critic come, “What is cooked up by BlackBerry, when other companies are stopping this handset business?”

Although, they are offering a secured Android version, the Priv has not made enough punch of , said Ted Kristsonis of Digital Trends.

“Each BlackBerry launched phone has hit back to the legs of the company, moderating its mix towards the cliff. The Priv is the same, and can’t be marked as a friend in need,” he added.


Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal’s was inspired with the phone’s hardware.

“Writing on genuine keys with a phablet-sized 5.4-inch screen towering over them is odd at in the first place, however, once I discovered my gymnastic equalization, my fingers were hastening around at up to 60 words for each moment. That is around 20% quicker than I write on my iPhone (however, still 15% slower than on the BlackBerry Classic’s more extensive, bigger, illuminated console).

Android can’t spare BlackBerry, finished up Engadget’s Daniel Cooper. “BlackBerry is presumably done as a manufacturer of the phone.” He added more, “It might be the indication of much trouble of native platform of the company. As a whole, BB could find a solid lifeline offering Android version.”


Is it Rebound or Outbound?

It’s taking by the company that some of the analysts believe that it can be the last shot of BB in the handset market, because Chen already has said that he will pull out the company, if the company fail to achieve the sustainable success in the handset market.


The struggle of BlackBerry with iOS and Android is observed by the world, so it’s taking some other extra shot with the best hope with its Android, said Jeff Kagan, a wireless analyst. “It appears as, although, they have come to the point where they simply aren’t getting enough forward development so they are taking another way toward Android,” he told TechNewsWorld. “This is great; be that as it may, I think it would have stood a vastly improved possibility of being fruitful in the event that they had done this quite a long while back.”


BlackBerry could discover practical achievement when it can tempt company and the government with its odd creation of BlackBerry 10 and Android 5, remarked by Kagan.