Details about Media Streaming and it’s Example

Streaming or media streaming is an Electronics Trans-receiving System. It also is told that, Streaming is a Technique for transferring data by a channel or transmission media can be process as a steady and continuous stream. Two types of live streaming we use daily. One of audio streaming and another is video streaming. The Example […]

Most Popular Value Added Service

What is missed call alert service? Missed call alert (MCA) service is a popular value added service. A subscriber who already activate missed call alert will receive notification message after avail in network will all contact number called you during the switch off season or unreachable period. Customer will also receive notification if his or […]

How to Activate GP New Prepaid Connection

If You Choose a GP Prepaid Connection, You need to store the following documents for future reference: • Subscription Form (Customers Copy) • Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) • Personal Identification Number (PIN) • Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) How to Verify ID: Dial *888# From Your New Inactive GP Prepaid SIM and Enter Your NID Number […]

User Manual of GP Internet Prepaid SIM

If You Choosing GP Internet Prepaid SIM (Subscriber Identification Module), You Need to Know that GP Design this SIM Card Exclusively. By Collecting a GP Internet Prepaid SIM Card You can: • Brows the Net and Data Service • Send and Receive SMS • Upload and Download Pictures, Songs, Music’s or content of your choice. […]

Mobile Banking Service in Bangladesh

Mobile Banking is a part of Modern Telecommunication. Now a day it is an important role in all over the world. It is a different way of online banking. People of all stage choose mobile banking system because it is easy and simple way, another helpful is people can carry it easily. There are too […]

Derivation of the expreesion for amplitude modulation signal

The main Element of Modulation input and output signal: (i) Modulating Signal (ii) Modulated Signal (iii) Carrier Signal We Know That, ec= Ec cos wCt Here, ec= Carrier voltage Ec= Carrier Amplitude Wc= 2Пfc ( Angular Velocity at carrier frequency fc) es= Es cos wst here, es= Carrier voltage Es= Carrier Amplitude Ws= 2Пfs Modulation […]

IEEE 802 Project Groups

IEEE 802 Suggest a family of IEEE which describe with Local Area Network (LAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). IEEE 802 also Describe with OSI Reference Model. OSI Data Link Step Divided into two Sub Steps. (i) Logical Link Control (LLC) and (ii) Media Access Control (MAC). All Step Publish by the Following ways- # […]

Telecommunication Jobs Sector

Now a day, There are too many Telecommunications Job all over the world with Bangladesh. It is certified that, Telecommunication Knowledge of a man is called the power of knowledge. The main and popular Jobs of Telecommunication Technology And Information Communication technology: • Mobile Communications: The main working place of a Telecommunication Engineer, Information Communication […]

The Concept of Telecommunication Standard Organization

The Function of BTRC: BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) is a Independent Commission that Build in Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001. BTRC Control all thing are related With Telecommunication in Bangladesh. Structure of BTRC: • System of Services • Spectrum Management • Engineering and operations • Legal and Licensing • Administration and Finance BTRC Provided License: […]

Status of Telecommunication all over the world

Uses of telecommunication in our real life: All kinds of people are always related with telecommunication. It is important for a modern society. Most of are- Vehicles Emergency Business Entertainment and more The overall Telecommunication fields in Bangladesh: Bangladesh telecommunication sector change their addition properly in last two year. Calling code of Bangladesh Telecommunication sector […]

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