Make Money Online (Part-2)

Earn money by your comment:
The popular way of online earn money is online survey. Survey website provides money for your comment survey is different types.

Earn money by domain sell:
Domain sell is a popular way to make money online there are too many ways to earn money fast. Domain for sale is on of them. It you like this way.1st need to buy domain name. Here domain name mean website domain. If you ask me; How to make earn money? I shall suggest you to make a business with domain sale. You also park your bought domain. When you park a domain, user who visit your domain then will show some ad. Then parking company gives you money.

Earn Money By Template Sales:
If you are a Specialist or have too much Performance in HTML, XML or CSS, You can earn money by sale Template. You will get 50% money of sold template and the Institute who’s made the template will get 25%.

Earn Money by Sale Photos:
Creative Photos Capture by Digital camera upload on ISTOCK Photos or another sites. When People buy your Photos you will get 20% To 80% (Different for Each Websites)

Earn Money By Article Writing:
If you are a Creative Persons, you are a creative writer, you can earn 5$ Maximum for per Content (Articles). Most of Blogger earn maximum amount by writing Articles. You need to chose a high platform and need to write post. Triond is a Popular site.