Mail Order Catalog Day

Mail Order Catalog Day 2019 will celebrate on 18 August 2019! Today celebrated worldwide Mail Order Catalog Day. Cause today is the 18th of August. Every year in 18th August marks the anniversary of National Mail Order Catalog Day.

On 1872, 18th August Aaron Montgomery Ward, of Chicago created the first Montgomery Word Mail Order Catalog. This is a business Idea to give a customer. They buy the good products and then reselling it directly to its customers that Aaron Montgomery Ward defeated the middlemen at the general store and reduced prices for the convenience of customers. The World first catalog created by eight by a 12-inch single sheet of paper.

In the single sheet of paper included the merchandise for sale, the price list, and ordering instructions. Montgomery Wards have become a 540-page illustrated book, selling more than 2040 items in its single-page list.

Today, they’re not solely a glimpse of life back in time, however also are extremely sought after for his or her inventive worth. Visit your local thrift store of market and appearance for Mail Order Catalog. So use this system to buy something and celebrate This day. Happy  Mail Order Catalog Day 2019.

Mail Order Catalog Day Observances
2019Sunday18 Aug 2029Mail Order Catalog Day
2020Tuesday18 Aug 2020Mail Order Catalog Day
2021Wednesday18 Aug 2021Mail Order Catalog Day
2022Thursday18 Aug 2022Mail Order Catalog Day
2023Friday18 Aug 2023Mail Order Catalog Day
2024Sunday18 Aug 2024Mail Order Catalog Day
2025Monday18 Aug 2025Mail Order Catalog Day
2026Tuesday18 Aug 2026Mail Order Catalog Day
2027Wednesday18 Aug 2027Mail Order Catalog Day
2028Friday18 Aug 2028Mail Order Catalog Day