List of Public Polytechnic (Diploma) Institute of Bangladesh

There are almost 50+ Govt. Polytechnic Diploma Engineering colleges in Bangladesh. These institutions provide 4 year diploma course for S.S.C passed students. After finishing the Secondary School Certificate level students can apply for the admission test in these engineering colleges. Actually four year diploma course is now a popular educational course in Bangladesh. Some polytechnic institutions provide only one course but most of them provide more than one courses. Here is a list of those public polytechnic diploma engineering colleges of Bangladesh.
List of Public Polytechnic (Diploma) Institute of Bangladesh
Contact details
01.Bangladesh Servey InstituteRammala, Comilla
Phone No.: 88-081-68477
Fax: 88-081-68477
02.Bangladesh Institute of Glass & CeramicTejgaon, Dhaka-1208
Mobile: 01718205188
Phone: 88-02-9110319
Fax: 88-02-9110319
03.Barguna Polytechnic InstitutePotkhakhali, Dhalua, Barguna
Contact No.: 88-0446-63460
Fax: 88-0446-63460
04.Bangladesh SweedenKaptai, Ranglamati.
Phone: 88-03529-251,
Mobile: 01815554040
Fax: 88-03529-251
05.Bangladesh Institute of Marine TechnologySonakanda, Bandar,
Narayanganj 1413, Bangladesh
Phone: 880-2-7661119,7661015,
Mobile: 01731394202
Fax: 880-2-7661025
06.Kishorganj Polytechnic InstituteKishorganj
07.Pabna Polytechnic InstitutePabna
Phone NO.: 88-0731-65844
Fax: 88-0731-65844
08.Tangail Polytechnic InstituteDeola, Tangail
Phone: 88-0921-53237
Mobile: 0172120663
Fax: 88-0921-53237
09.Kushtia Polytechnic InstituteAruapara, Kushtia
10.Rangpur Polytechnic InstituteJumma Para, Rangpur
Phone No.: 88-0521-63513
Fax: 88-0521-63513
11.Feni Computer InstituteNew Ranirhat, Feni
Phone No: 88-0331-61888
Mobile No.:01811-227601
Fax: 88-0331-61888
12.Bogra Polytechnic InstituteBogra
Phone No.: 88-051-66152
Moble No.: 01716991274
Fax: 88-051-66152
13.Dhaka Polytechnic InstituteTejgaon Idustrial area
Phone: 88-02-9116724
Fax: 88-02-9116724
14.Munshiganj Polytechnic InstituteMirkadim, Munshiganj
Phone No.: 88-0691-63825
Mobile No.: 01715810650
Fax: 88-0691-63825
15.Sylhet Polytechnic InstituteBarai Kandi, Sylhet-3100
Phone No.: 88-0821-716372
Mobile No.: 01746494392
Fax: 88-0821-716372
16.Jessore Polytechnic InstituteJessore
Phone No.: 88-0421-73436
Fax: 88-0421-73436
17.Graphic Arts InstituteMohammadpur, Dhaka
18.Chandpur Polytechnic InstituteKachua, Chandpur
Contact No.: 88-08425-56205
Fax: 88-08425-56205
19.Chittagong Mohila Polytechnic InstituteUttar Halishahar, Chittaging
Contact No.: 88-031-2512074
Fax: 88-031-2512074
20.Magura Polytechnic InstituteMagura
21.Feni Polytechnic InstituteMalipur, Feni
Contact No.: 88-033174030
Fax: 88-033174030
22.Feni Computer InstituteNew Ranirhat, Feni
Phone No.: 88-0331-61888
Mobile No.:01811-227601
Fax: 88-0331-61888
23.Chapinawabganj Polytechnic InstituteChapinawabganj
24.Kurigram Polytechnic InstituteKurigram
Contact No.: 88-0581-61688
Fax: 88-0581-61688
25.Naogaon Polytechnic InstituteNaogaon
Contact No.: 88-0721-62070
Fax: 88-0721-62070
26.Sherpur Polytechnic InstituteBhatshala, Sherpur
Phone No.: 0931-62534
Mobile No.:01711-193503
Fax: 0931-62534
27.Khulna Polytechnic InstituteKhalispur I/A, Khulna
Contact No: 88-041-762352
Fax: 88-041-762352
28.Khulna Mohila Polytechnic InstituteKhalispur I/A, Khulna
Contact No.: 88-041-2850092
Fax: 88-041-2850092
29.Habigonj Polytechnic InstituteGophya, Habigonj
Phone No.: 88-0831-62320
Moblie No.:01715-747546
Fax: 88-0831-62320
30.Bhola Polytechnic InstituteBorhanuddin, Bhola
Contct NO.: 88-04922-56375
Fax: 88-04922-56375
31.Dinajpur Polytechnic InstituteBalubari, Dinajpur.
Contact No.: 88-0531-65573
Fax: 88-0531-65573
32.Satkhira Polytechnic InstituteSatkhira
Contact No.: 88-0471-65170
Fax: 88-0471-65170
33.Patuakhali Polytechnic InstitutePatuakhali
Contact No.: 88-0441-62345
Fax: 88-0441-62345
34.Faridpur Polytechnic InstituteBaitul Aman, Faridpur
Contact No.: 88-0631-63598
Fax: 88-0631-63598
35.Barisal Polytechnic InstituteAlekanda, Barisal
Phone NO.: 88-0431-53184
Fax: 88-0431-53184
36.Shariatpur Polytechnic InstituteBhatshala, Sherpur
Phone NO.: 0931-62534
Cell No.:01711-193503
Fax: 0931-62534
37.Mymensingh Polytechnic InstituteMaskanda, Mymensingh
Contact No.: 88-091-54294
Fax: 88-091-54294
38.Gopalganj Polytechnic InstituteChandradigalia, Gopalganj
Contact No.: 88-0668-58015
Fax: 88-0668-58015
39.Thakurgaon Polytechnic InstituteThakurgaon
Phone NO.: 88-0561-61400
Cell No.: 01714558001
Fax: 88-0561-61400
40.Cox’s Bazar Polytechnic InstituteJhilaya, Cox’s Bazar
Contact NO.: 88-0341-63388
Fax: 88-0341-63388
41.Lakshimpur Polytechnic InstituteLakshimpur
Contact No.: 88-0381-61022
Fax: 88-0381-61022
42.Rajshahi Polytechnic InstituteSapura, Rajshahi
Contact No.: 88-0721-761977
Fax: 88-0721-761977
43.Chittagong Polytechnic InstituteNasirabad, Chittagong
Contact NO.: 88-031-62534
Cell No.:01712770805
Fax: 88-031-62534
44.Sirajgonj Polytechnic InstituteFakirtala, Sirajgonj
Contact No.: 88-0751-64286,
Cell No.:01558398246,
Fax: 88-0751-64286
45.Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic InstituteSher-e-Bangla Nagar
Contct NO.: 88-02-9114013
Mobile NO.: 01718205188
Fax: 88-02-9114013
46.Brahmanbaria Polytechnic InstituteIslampur, Brahmanbaria
Contact No.: 88-08327-56151
Fax: 88-08327-56151
47.Moulvibazar Polytechnic InstituteMoulvibazar
Contact No.: 01190888345
48.Rajshahi Mohila Polytechnic InstituteNawdapara bypass road,
Phone: 88-0721-861344
Fax: 88-0721-861344
49.Narshindi Polytechnic InstitutePolice Line, Narshindi
Contact NO.: 88-0628-51662
Fax: 88-0628-51662
50.Jhenidah Polytechnic InstituteJhenidah
Contact No.: 88-0451-61385
Fax: 88-0451-61385
51.Engineering and Survey InstituteSofura, Rajshahi