iPhone 7 is Losing Headphone Jack with More Function

iPhone 7

According to a blog post of Japanese publisher, Apple has expressed intention to its headphone jack of 3.5 mm to be peeled recently. It would be dropped out from the iPhone 7, which is founded after Google translation of the publication in the Japanese blog post named “Macotakara” and its label was “Rumor”, but the post claimed that it was from a reliable source.

After removing the jack of it would be thinner by one millimeter of its unit thickness, reported by 9to5Mac. Having no headphones it could be connected via the Bluetooth or by the proprietary lighting connector of Apple, which is introduced this type of lighting headphone last year, but it has entered into the tech market very few, 9to5Mac told.

iPhone 7

Redundant Technology

Michael Morgan, a mobile analyst said, “I heard this talking before that headphones would be removed out from iPhone,” “Although, I am sure to say that they are doing it on the iPhone 7,” he added. “It’s not impossible when Apple will find a good reason for this activity.” said the president of Creative Strategies, Tim Bajarin. One of the reasons may be that the headphone jack of 3.5-millimeter may have outlasted its helpfulness.

“The best earphones of the world don’t connect to this headphone jack of 3.5,” said Trip Chowdhry, the managing director of GER -Global Equities Research. “As a result, they are going to utilize Bluetooth fomat.” “They found the 3.5 jack is repetitive,” he said to the TechNewsWorld. “It’s same as to keep floppy drive in your desktop,” he added.

Slim Sells

When the headphone jack will be removed by Apple, then iPhone users can get some benefits. “They will found actual enhancement for better sound delivery through the port,” Bajarin said to the TechNewsWorld. Moreover, the popular notion of its arena to make a slim sells, remarked Choudhry. “Apple is doing something with its iPhone 7 to make it slimmer,” he told. “And they has only one thing to do that to removing its headphone jack.” He added more, “It can make faster rate absolutely with a upgraded cycle of faster performance.”


Expanded Capabilities

Making thin the iPhone is not only one thing to remove the headphone jack from the handset, for better functionality as well, said by Morgan, an independent analyst. “In my discussions with other OEMs handset who were investigating elective earphone jack parts, the general driver was to consolidate or include new capacities for phones that would unite through a new port,” he told. Those capacities could incorporate better stable devotion; support for gadgets like amplifiers, card readers and speakers; but earphones were useful at the past play, fast-forwarding, skip and pause.


“Numerous different OEMs have checked on the alternative to go to an exclusive organization yet have stepped back because of the trouble in building up another standard, not having a sufficiently major extra biological system, or making the gadget and adornment value focuses too high,” said Morgan.


If the rumor is true that the iPhone 7 is Losing Headphone Jack with More Function, it would be another option of new business part as well.