HP Go Separate Ways of its Enterprise


The most expected split of the personal compute of HP and operations of enterprise has come into light finally, and Meg Whitman, the CEO, oversaw the massiveness of the transition, listing ship, she faces the most challenge and crisis of her career, and it is an attempt to try to save a business from being ruined with the time and progress’s sands.
HP has been struggling for 15 years to compete with others in the modern age with its cloud services and mobile computing; at last, it has been officially divided into two new brands of US$50 billion enterprises. Whitman is the president along with chief executive of HP Enterprise, and the services of this enterprise is of cloud computing and infrastructure of data center to Hewlett Packard corporate of customer based.


In spite of only three years service at HP, Dion Weisler, executive VP of the company’s unit of personal system and printer, has become CEO of the new HP, which will concentrate on that whole business.

The split is another image of the company’s inability to adjust to the quick changes occurring in the undeniably mobile dominated and cloud technology, suggested by the principal analyst, Enderle Group Rob Enderle. “They were attempting to bundle the organization to be purchased by EMC,” Enderle said. “They rather opened the entryway for Dell to purchase EMC, making maybe the greatest disappointment since Meg Whitman assumed control HP. As far as calamitous results, this eclipses even the Palm and Autonomy moves.”

New Opportunities are Ahead

The moving of HP’s PC and printer business management streamlines will help to changes rapidly to adjust to compete in the personal and cloud computing markets, observed by Ryan Reith, program director of IDC. He added that HP has made a lot late to take the action. “I think the steps will help the company certainly to be more nimble as well as it will get the flexibility to pivot as it needed, he said in an interview with E-Commerce Times. “The main challenge for HP is that, so many businesses should be moved, at first, to mobile, which are few years backward. Despite of these lacks, HP is still has catch-up its priority in some aspect of computer world of this time.”


Dividing its PC business from laptops and printers and forwarding to tablets and hybrid mobiles is a very nice strategy, mentioned by Reith. “We all live in a cross breed world with applications over a mix of open and private cloud, and also conventional IT, and that is the reason foundation isn’t one size fits all any longer,” she commented. “It isn’t simply in the server farm. It isn’t simply in the cloud. Base must be all around at the right cost, with the right administration at the right scale.”

The Period of Transition

Both HP and HP Enterprise might have to face some difficulties as all of newly formed company do and it must have work hard to compete with the competitors.


Without resolving the internal challenges of the company, they will fail to compete in the marketplace. So, HP and HP enterprise must take some modern and time-suited decision to take their poison in the tech world.


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