How to earn Diamond on Imo

Recently, IMO has updated their App. Now all the IMO users can earn Diamond. They can use these Diamond to Recharge their Mobile Account. If you have already updated your Imo App, You will see the available Diamond in the Top section of IMO Profile. Here we are describing details about the Diamond Earn system in IMO. Let’s follow reading this post.

You can’t Buy Diamond in IMO App. The Price of Diamond and the Diamond Purchase system is currently unavailable in IMO. So, IMO users can Only Earn or Collect Diamond by going to Live. Please be noted that it isn’t diamond Jewellery for making Necklace, Nose Pin or Ring. This Diamond is for making Mobile Recharge World Wide Number.

What is Diamond in IMO?

Diamond is a coin in IMO App which can use/redeem to Recharge your Mobile Account. Basically, IMO Recommend you to recharge your Mobile Number which connected to your IMO account. So, Collect more Diamond by using IMO and Refill your Mobile Account instantly. You will get 1 Diamond by Default. To earn more Diamond, kindly read the following process and collect more Diamond from IMO.

Quick Tips to get more Diamond on IMO:

  1. Create IMO Account (Ignore if already have an Account)
  2. Go to Live
  3. Attract more People  (Join People on your Live)
  4. Start Collecting Diamond

How to earn Diamond on Imo

How to earn Diamond on Imo?

The New feature of IMO is Live. You can now go Live on IMO and also connect with others if they are already in Live. To earn Diamond, you need to go Live after updating your IMO App from Google Play Store. Then, The Live option will visible to you. When you will go live, Most of the people will be connected to you. then, you will start earning the Diamond. Attract more people to your Live Video and earn more Diamond.

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