Grameenphone E-bill System

E bill– a new dimension of postpaid bill distribution was introduced by Grameenphone where customers can receive their mobile phone bills through email after bill generation. e bill service facilitates customers by providing diversified benefits like fast & accurate delivery, ensuring information security & contributing on green environment as well.


  • mobile bill through email,ensuring the easiest and fastest way of getting bills


  • 1. How to subscribe?
  • The service can be subscribed through SMS.

    Go to message option then type Ebill email address and sent to 4777. Example: e bill & send to 4777.

  • 2. When will subscribers receive E bill?
  • All eligible e bill subscribers will receive e bill within 24 hours after bill cycle completion.
  • 3. Will Roaming subscribers receive both local & roaming invoice in E bill?
  • Yes, Roaming subscriber will receive both Invoices.
  • 4. Will subscriber receive Itemized bill (who have activated every month itemized bill service)?
  • Subscriber will receive the invoice only and itemized bill will be delivered though courier as usual.
  • 5. How will subscriber change E bill (email) address?
  • Customer will change email address through SMS. Go to message option then Type E bill <space> email address and sent to 4777. Example: e bill & send to 4777.
  • 6. How long will it take to subscribe for E bill?
  • 72 working hours, the E bill will be sent on the next bill cycle from the request date.
  • 7. Will customers continue to receive paper invoice?
  • No
  • 8. Will any fee impose for E bill?
  • No, E bill is free of cost.
  • 9. What is the file format & file size of E bill?
  • File format: PDF, Average file size: 50 to 100 KB.

    Note: Required software to open: Adobe Reader version 7. Subscriber should prepare required system by installing/updating Adobe reader from any relevant software website.

    For instance:

  • 10. Can subscribers use printed copy for payment?
  • Yes, they can print and use for payment.
  • 11. Can newly subscribed (for E bill) clients receive previous month’s bill?
  • No, customer will receive e bill onward.
  • 12. How & where customers will demand for duplicate e bill?
  • Customers can ask for duplicate bill through customer contact points.
  • 13. How to unsubscribe?
  • Go to message option then type E bill <space> cancel and send to 4777.