GP Call Forward Service A to Z Information

Grameenphone Call Forwarding Service

Grameenphone Call Forwarding Service All information is available on this post. Welcome back to to read GP Call Forwarding System details. Sometimes people face some problem During Call Forwarding (Call Divert) Service Activation or Cancellation. So, after reading this post, anyone will get details about GP Call Forward Service (Call Divert) A to Z Information.

Grameenphone Call Forwarding All Code:

Grameenphone Call Forwarding Service

Divert Activation System

Forward Service To Activate To Deactivate
Call Forward when Not Reachable * * 62 * phone number # # # 62 # send
Call Forward when the phone is Busy * * 67 * phone number # # # 67 # send
Call Forward when there is No Reply * * 61 * phone number # # # 61 # send
Call Forward All Calls * * 21 * phone number # # # 21 # send
Forward All Calls *002*[Phone Number]#  
Forward all calls that match the 4 condition *004*[Phone Number]#  

Divert Cancel

To Cancel All sorts of call forwarding # # 002 #

Divert Status Check

** For checking call forwarding status, dial * # Code #

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