Diploma in Computer Engineering is a popular, Common and Job full Department under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). Everyone knows about this Technology because This Technology is available maximum Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh. If you are a student of Diploma in Computer Engineering or want to know about it this content is very important for you because everyone want to find a good job after completing education. In this content we provide you about all government and non-government Job sector for Diploma in computer engineering. In this content we provide only Government Job sectors. You may know that computer is a wonder of modern science. We cannot think our modern life without computer. Every government Institute, Offices and Organizations have Sufficient Jobs for a Computer engineer. Read Details About Government Job Sector. You must need to know that all Applicants need sufficient Experience to avail the following jobs. If an Applicant becomes expert or specialist in Computer they can improve their life easily.

Teaching: As a Diploma Engineer, educating from Diploma in computer engineering you can find a government Job as a teacher of Any Government Polytechnic Institute, Technical School & College, Institute of Health Technology, Medical Assistance Training School and another Government Institute. Here your post Title name Junior Instructor.
Data Entry: Data Entry is a popular job for diploma engineer. Now a days All Government Organization Save their documents online directory or save as a word/excel/data sheet format in their own server or own official computer. For this they need some Diploma engineer. If you read in diploma in computer engineering you can easily find a data entry Job.

Technician: It is an optional Job. You can work in here as your wish. But Maximum number of computer engineer work in here of many government institute or Organization.

Computer Lab Assistant: If you passed Diploma in Computer Engineering you can work as a lab assistant in any government Institute or Organization. It is a Favorite job because it has no work. You need to only take care of different parts of computer and need to maintain it. As an example we can tell you that if you read in Diploma in Computer Engineering in any polytechnic Institute, there has one or more Computer Lab. The person who maintains and looks after it is called the job post Lab Assistant.

Educational Job: Lot of Job available for All Education Center like Education board computer center, Education Results Create, Education Website development, Content management, Search Engine Optimization, Admit card and Registration Card print, Notice creation and many more!

Not only this, there have too many lot Government Job and Unlimited Private job available for a computer Engineer. We shall describe it letter.