Fish of Bangladesh

Fish of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a riverine country. There are many kinds of river scattered in Bangladesh. And all the river has huge various type of fishes. Bangladesh is a country with thousands of rivers and ponds and is notable for being a fish-loving nation, acquiring the name “Machh-e Bhat-e Bangali” which means, “Bengali by fish and rice”.

So in this post, we will provide as soon as possible Fish name list. After reading this post will know and also get a list of Fish in Bangladesh. So keep read it continue.

Fish of Bangladesh- Fish Name list

  1. Artamim
  2. Along
  3. Anju
  4. Bagair
  5. Baan or Baanehara
  6. Baan or Pakal or Bamush
  7. Bai-la
  8. Baim
  9. Boitka
  10. Bhetki
  11. Balichura
  12. Balichura
  13. Bansh-pata/Debari
  14. Bansh-pata/Bati
  15. Barali
  16. Baril/Joiya
  17. Basa fish
  18. Bata/Bangna
  19. Bhadi puti
  20. Bhol
  21. Boaal
  22. Murari
  23. Magor/Shing
  24. Gong Tengra
  25. Magur/Shing
  26. Chandan Ilish
  27. Chapila
  28. Cheka
  29. Chela
  30. Chitol
  31. Pholi
  32. Dari (fish)
  33. Darkina
  34. Dhal magor
  35. Ek thouta
  36. Gechua
  37. Gagla
  38. Gong magor
  39. Kabashi Tengra
  40. Ghor poi-ya
  41. Ghora chela
  42. Goti poa
  43. Gojar
  44. Grass carp
  45. Gutum
  46. Gura tengra
  47. Gurjāli
  48. Ilish ( National Fish)
  49. Kechhki
  50. Kalibaus

Here is the top most popular Fish Name in Bangladesh. Among them there are many kind of fish avilable in Bangaldesh. Every year huge fish grow up in Bangladesh. Day by day it incrase more and more.


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