Diploma in Engineering Printing Technology


Introduction: Printing Technology is one of a modern technology of present society. To become a printing engineer you need to better experience and understanding with printing press operation, Different sizes banner creation, graphics creation and design, logo creation and design, it is not difficult so you can easily complete your course of diploma in printing engineering. You must need to know that printing technology department code is 95.

Educational Details: Printing Technology is a more valuable technology or department of diploma in engineering. If you search the reason you will find that number of printing technology institute is limited. For this, it provides always much competition. This education system contains for four year under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).

Chance to higher education: After completing the course diploma in printing engineering you can graduate in higher education like B.Sc. in Printing Engineering, B.Sc. in Graphics design engineering and another related high demand able department.

Subject list: Here available Departmental and Non departmental both subject. For your better activity and save times we provide all category wise subject lists with subject code.

Departmental Subject List: Offset Machine Operation (9521), Image Preparation 1 (9531), Print Materials (9540), Screen Printing (9541), Flexors and Can Printing (9551), Color Printing 1 (9552), Safety & Machine Maintenance (9553), Printing Quality control (9554), Ink and Paper (9555), Estimating and Costing (9561), Color Printing 2 (9562), Project work 1 (9563), Gravure Printing (9564), Digital Design and Printing (9565), Packaging Design (9571), Print Finishing (9572), Trouble Shooting Management in Printing Industries (9574) and Project work 2 (9575).

Related Departmental Subject List: Graphics design technology is related with printing technology. Its subject list: Image Preparation 2 (9641), Graphics Design 1 (9642), Digital and Conventional Photography (9643) and Graphics Communication (9673).

Electrical, Electronics and Computer Departmental Subject list: Basic Electricity (6711), Basic Electronics (6811), Computer Application 1 (6621) and Computer Application 2 (6632).

Printing Technology Job Sector: Job sector of Printing Technology and Graphics Design Technology is same. There are too many Job Sectors available worldwide for this Technology. All Job List may not Possible to add here. For this we provide some special Job list: Exhibition Designer, Fine Artist, Illustrator, Medical Illustrator, Multimedia Programmer, Multimedia Specialist, Printmaker and Production Designer on Theatre, Television or Film Industry.

Conclusion: All of Printing Engineer learn to set up, operate, maintains and instruments process offset, digital printer and can design all types of banner, logo and many more!


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