Diploma in Engineering Electronics Technology


Introduction: Electronics Technology Play the Important Role in the modern Science. Now a day all categories people of worldwide change their life style by discover and develop of Electronics Technology. Electronics Technology not only an Important Technology but its wide is Unlimited. In our Education system Electronics Technology is also related with others like: Electrical and Electronics technology, Electronics and Communication Technology.
Educational Information: Educational status of Electronics Engineering is on High Platform. Diploma in Electronics Engineering is shortly known as ENT and its Technology Code is 68. Its Educational Ranking exclaimed that it is a more powerful department.
Chance to higher Education: If you complete Diploma in engineering syllabus with Electronics Technology you can now admitted in higher education worldwide in your same desire department or another department as you wise like Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and any others related Department.
Departmental Subject List: Basic Electronics (6811), Electronics Devices & Circuit 1 (6821), Electronics Devices & Circuit 2 (6831), Digital Electronics 1 (6841), Industrial Power Electronics (6840), Networks Filters and Transmission Lines (6843), Communication Engineering 1 (6842), Television Engineering 1 (6851), Electronic Measurements & Measuring Instruments 1 (6852), Communication Engineering 2 (6853), Electronic Computer Aided Design- ECAD (6854), Digital Electronics 2 (6844), Electronic Measurements & Measuring Instruments 2 (6861), Television Engineering 2 (6862), Instrumentation and Process Control (6863), Electronic Servicing (6864), Microprocessors and Applications (6865), Microcontroller and Embedded Systems (6871), Computer Control and Robotics (6872), Industrial Control and PLC (6873), Microwave Radar and Navigation Aids (6874), Biomedical Engineering (6875) and Electronics Project (6876).
Another Departmental Subject list:
Electrical Departmental Subject List: Basic Electricity (6711), Electrical Engineering 1 (6723) and Electrical Engineering 2 (6732)
Computer Departmental Subject list: Computer Application 1 (6721), Computer Application 2 (6732) and Programming in C (6659).
Electronics Engineering Job: There are too many Job available for Electronics Engineers. As an Electronics Engineer you can work in all Networking Job Sector like a Telecommunication Engineers, You can easily works on different types of Electronics sectors, Different types of Instruments or Machine controls, Radio and Television Stations and Many Others.
Conclusion: In these Communication systems, the Demand of Electronics Engineering is Very High. So, you are lucky for an Electronics Engineers or If you currently studding in Electronics Technology or Think to study in Electronics Engineering.