Diploma in Engineering Electrical Technology


Introduction: Electrical Technology is a popular Department in Diploma in engineering education system. Electrical Technology made a glorious place on the top ranking department list. Its education system is trustful and it provides maximum number of job sector here and there. Last Three years Report exclaims that 80% Applicant of Diploma in Engineering Keep electrical technology as their 1st choice. It is really a most competition based department.

Education Details: Electrical Technology is a department of 4 Years Diploma in Engineering Education system under the Directorate of Technical Education. Full education system divided into two parts. 1st step is Institute education and 2nd step is Industrial Training. Institute education duration is 3.5 years and Industrial training only 6 Month.

Subject List and Code: Here available departmental and non-departmental subject. For save your important time we provide it manually.

Departmental Subject List: Basic Electricity (6711), Advanced Electricity (6722) Electrical circuit 1 (6721), Electrical circuit 2 (6731), Electrical Appliances (6741), Electrical Installation, Planning and Estimating (6742), Electrical Engineering Drawing (6743), Generation of Electrical Energy (6751), DC Machine (6752), Electrical and electronics measurements 1 (6753), Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy 1 (6763), AC Machine 1 (6761), Electrical and Electronics Measurements 2 (6762), AC Machine 2 (6771), Electrical Engineering Project (6772), Switch gear and Protection (6773) and Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy 2 (6774).
Other Departmental Subject: Without Departmental subject here available some other Departmental subject. Now we provide it with subject code.

Electronics Departmental Subject: Basic Electronics (6811), Advanced Electronics (6845), Industrial Power Electronics (6855), Digital Electronics and Microprocessors (6866) and Instrumentation and Process control (6877).
Computer Departmental Subject: Computer Application 1 (6621), Computer Application 2 (6632) and Computer Programing Language.
Mechanical Departmental Subject: Basic Workshop Practice (7011), Applied Mechanics (7043) and Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery (7046).

Electrical Job Sector: There are too many job sectors available for electrical technology here and there. An electrical Engineer can work on high salary job sectors. Here not possible to add all sob sector but we recommend you some special Job sectors like: Power management, Electrical Energy Distribution Sector, Electrical power distribution, Electrical Machine Distribution, Electrical Instrumentation and process control, Transmitter and Transformer sector, Electrical Line Distribution and many more!

Conclusion: If you read this content fully we think you are easily understood that how popular the Electrical Technology is! So, we want to say just that You are too lucky if you read in this technology or want to read


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