Diploma in Engineering Computer Technology


Introduction: Computer Technology is a Popular Department of Diploma in Engineering. There are too many worldwide Institute opens the course of Computer Technology. In a word, Computer is a Main Part or Keyword of Modern Technology; we can’t think our modern life without Computer. A computer Engineer is respected by all because of his/her performance or activities. Its Diploma in Engineering Technology code is 66.

Educational Information: The Competition of Computer Technology against Diploma in Engineering is high. A computer Engineer become a specialist because they learn about Programing Language, Web Page Design, Electrical Machine Maintained, Computer Software Developer and Hardware servicing and many more! By Educated in computer technology a person can change his or her life style.

Syllabus and Subject List: In Previous, We already exclaimed details about computer technology that a computer Engineer s becomes expert in all subject. Here available some categories subject. We provide it serially.
Departmental Subject List: Computer Fundamental (6611), Computer Application 1 (6621), Programming Language 1 (6622), Computer Application 2 (6632), Programming Language 2 (6642), CAD & Graphic Design (6645), Data Structure & Algorithm (6631), Microprocessor & Microcomputer 1 (6651), Computer Architecture (6652), Programming Language 3 (6653), Database Management System (6654), Microprocessor & Microcomputer 2 (6661), Computer Peripherals (6662), Data communication and Computer Network 1 (6663), Computer System Software (6664), Computer Servicing (6665), Embedded Systems & PLC (6671), System Analysis and Design (6672), Data communication and Computer Network 2 (6673) and Computer Engineering Project (6674).

Available Others Department Subject:
Electronics Departmental Subject: Basic Electronics (6811), Electronics Device and Circuits 1 (6821), Digital Electronics 1 (6841), Industrial Electronics (6832) and Digital Electronics 2 (6844)
Electrical Departmental Subject: Basic Electricity (6711) and Electrical Circuit & Machines (6745).

Computer Engineering Jobs: There are too many Hardware and Software based Job sector available worldwide for computer engineers. A computer engineers build up their carrier with too many Government and non-Government Job Sectors. It is told that, There are no Job sector available there not available a blank seat for computer engineer. So, a computer Engineer can work anywhere there he or she wise, but for this they need to become a specialist or proper expert in the desire Technology.

Conclusion: Though computer Technology has more facilities and more opportunities but at present, there are too many graduate computer engineers available and its Job sector is limited! If you studied, currently studding or wants to study please make sure that you need to gain more knowledge for properly build up your carrier.


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