Evening of this day, DBBL has notified their Customers via SMS that they have already completed their Server Upgrade. All of the transection Cash Out from ATM, POS Transection, E-COM Transection and Send Money through ATM, NexusPay and Internet Banking is working.

As per Talking about DBBL, they informed info57 News team that, Some Transaction like eCommerce facing some problem due to Server Issue. They are already working on This.

Dutch Bangla Bank Mobile Banking Service was Active while their Bank Account and Credit Card holders Suspended from Service for 4 days (Till 19 March 2019). But, the Authority has completed their work a day ago. All the Branch of DBBL will open at 10:00 AM of 19th March 2019. The Customer will get Regular Service from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM.