Chittagong to Dhaka Train Schedule 2020, Ticket Price

Chittagong to Dhaka Train Schedule 2020, Ticket Price and All Train Information is available for the Railway Route of Chittagong to Dhaka. Many People don’t know the Ticket Fare of Chittagong-Dhaka Train Service. Are you looking for a Train ticket for this Route or want to know the Ticket Price? Don’t worry. We are here to help you. In this post, you will get Chittagong to Dhaka Railway ticket booking system, Online Ticket Purchase system, Ticket Fare (Price), train Schedule (Time Table), Off Day and Stop Station Info.

There is nine or more train available on the Chittagong to Dhaka Route. So, it is the popular Railway Route for the passenger. According to this reason, the Railway Authority added too many Train Services.

Train List of Chittagong to Dhaka Route 2020

Here is the complete list of Train for the Chittagong to Dhaka Route. So, Purchase Train Ticket of any of these Train and Travel from Chittagong to Dhaka.

Chittagong to Dhaka Train Schedule 2020

Train Name Off Day Departure Station Departure Time Arrival Station Arrival Time
Subarna Express Monday Chittagong 07:00 Dhaka 12:00
Subarna Express Friday Dhaka 15:00 Chittagong 22:05
Sonar Bangla Express Tuesday Chittagong 17:00 Dhaka 22:10
Sonar Bangla Express Friday Dhaka 07:00 Chittagong 12:40
Mohanagar Provati No Chittagong 07:20 Dhaka 15:20
Mohanagar Provati No Dhaka 07:40 Chittagong 15:40
Mohanagar Godhuli Monday Chittagong 15:00 Dhaka 21:10
Mohanagar Godhuli Sunday Dhaka 16:40 Chittagong 00:40
Turna Express No Chittagong 23:00 Dhaka 05:25
Turna Express No Dhaka 23:00 Chittagong 06:40
Chittagong Mail No Chittagong 22:30 Dhaka 06:55
Chittagong Mail No Dhaka 22:30 Chittagong 08:10
Karnaphuli Express No Chittagong 10:00 Dhaka 19:45
Karnaphuli Express No Dhaka 08:25 Chittagong 19:25
Chattala Express Tuesday Chittagong 08:40 Dhaka 16:40
Chattala Express Tuesday Dhaka 11:00 Chittagong 20:05