bKash Customer Care (Service Center) Khulna


Are you looking for the bKash Customer Care (bKash Center) Khulna Address and Contact Number? Don’t worry! Here is the latest info about the bKash Center and Customer Care Khulna all update Info. The bKash service Center Khulna Location and all Details available in here.

bKash Customer Care Khulna:

Get details About bKash Customer Care Khulna to contact for Reset bKash PIN, Update Customer Information, Create a New bKash Account and more.

Khan Tower (4th Floor), Plot: 50/A, KDA, Mojid Soroni, Metro Thana, Khulna, (Opposite of Hotel City Inn).

bKash Center Khulna Phone Number:

bKash Center Khulna Mobile Number:

Service Schedule:

bKash Center timing: 7 days in a week, between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (except government holidays).

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