BBC Janala. English Learning Sites (Robi Users Only)


No more worries about learning English… It has now become easier than ever!

Robi subscribers will now have easy access to high quality English language learning materials on their mobile phones! Thanks to Robi’s partnership with the BBC World Service Trust (BBCWST), a new window on the world has been opened for all Robi subscribers: BBC Janala.

To access your required BBC Janala service, please check the services below:

Audio lessons

After dialing 3000 for BBC Janala, Robi subscribers can select their preferred option from a wide variety of audio lessons, quizzes and more.


Robi subscribers will also be able to test their knowledge and English skill via a weekly SMS quiz from BBC Janala.  All you need to do is just send an SMS with the key word ‘QUIZ’ to 3000.

Mobile internet site

Robi subscribers can download all audio lessons from the BBC Janala mobile Internet site at:

Buzz TV and Rinku

After dialing 3000, select option 3 to practice your English with cartoon hero, Rinku. He is the star of an animated cartoon series in the BBC’s new TV programme, “Buzz”. A new audio lesson with Rinku will be published every Thursday.

Accessing the audio (IVR) services:

Robi subscribers will be able to listen to the following English lessons by dialing the number 3000:

– Every day English
– Essential English – weekly lesson – updated on Sunday
– Pronunciation – weekly lesson – updated on Monday
– How to tell a story – listen to the weekly lesson and then record your own story – updated on Tuesday
– English used in the news – weekly lesson – updated on Wednesday
– Weekly quiz – updated on Sunday
– BBC Buzz and Rinku
– Practice English with Rinku and his friends – weekly lesson – updated on Thursday


Enjoy BBC Janala service by browsing the IVR menu, listening to lessons and taking part in quizzes only @ Tk 0.50+VAT per minute).

Each SMS sent to the 3000 short code will be charged at Tk 0.40 (without VAT)