Airtel Prepaid Mumbai 2G Data Recharge

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Airtel Prepaid  Mumbai 2G Data Recharge! Hi Guys, Welcome! Are you looking for the Airtel  Mumbai  2G Data Recharge? Here we are available to provide you complete solution about Airtel 2G Data Recharge in  Mumbai  Area. This Post is very Important for the People who live in  Mumbai . Just, Read the detail info from the below and Recharge 2G Data in your Airtel Prepaid.

Airtel Prepaid  Mumbai  2G Data Recharge:

Package Details Recharge


100MB 2G for 2 days 17 2 Days
150MB 2G for 4 days 25 4 Days
275MB 2G for 7 days 46 7 Days
325MB 2G for 8 days 56 8 Days
400MB 2G for 10 days 72 10 Days
550MB 2G for 14 days 98 14 Days
625MB 2G for 15 days 109 15 Days
725MB 2G for 19 days 128 19 Days
875MB 2G for 22 days 154 22 Days
1GB 2G Data 175 28 Days
2GB 2G Data, then Unlimited at 40kbps 198 28 Days
2.2GB-10GB 2G Data, 28 days 222 28 Days
3GB 2G Data, then Unlimited at 40kbps 248 28 Days
4GB 2G Data, then Unlimited at 40kbps 299 28 Days
Access to 10 email Ids, unlimited Blackberry Messenger 301 30 Days

Finally, We hope that you have successfully understood about Airtel Prepaid  Mumbai  2G Data Recharge. If you want to know more or have any question, just ask here with a comment. We’ll reply you back soon. Thank you for reading Airtel Prepaid  Mumbai  2G Data Recharge.



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