Airtel Prepaid Haryana International Roaming Recharge

Airtel Prepaid  Haryana  International Roaming Recharge! Hi Guys, Welcome! Are you looking for the Airtel  Haryana  International Roaming Recharge? Here we are available to provide you complete solution about Airtel International Roaming Recharge in  Haryana  Area. This Post is very Important for the People who live in  Haryana . Just, Read the detail info from the below and Recharge Package Talk Time in your Airtel Prepaid.

Airtel Prepaid  Haryana  International Roaming Recharge:

Package DetailsRecharge


IR Pack with Rs.779 full Talktime. Outgoing Rs 40/min and Incoming Rs 30/min. Applicable only on selected countries and Operators. List attached click here7797 Days
IR Pack with Rs.1479 full Talktime. Outgoing Rs 30/min and Incoming Rs 20/min. Applicable only on selected countries and Operators. List attached click here147915 Days
Rs2849 Singapore Smartpack .3GB+Unlimited incoming+299min India calls,30Days.Tariff; Calls to India/Local;Rs10/m, Intl.calls;Rs39/m, SMS;Rs10,Data;Rs10/MB284930 Days
Rs2899 Thailand Smartpack.1GB+Unlimited incomings+299min India calls,30Days.Tariff;Calls to India/Local;Rs10/min, Intl.calls;Rs39, SMS;Rs10, Data;Rs10/MB289930 Days
UAE Smartpack.3GB+100min incoming+399min India calls,30Days.Tariff;Incoming;Rs10/m,Call to India/Local;Rs10/m,Intl.calls;Rs39/m,SMS;Rs10/SMS,Data;Rs10/MB454930 Days
Rs5149 UK Smartpack.3GB+Unlimited incoming+399min calls to India, 30Days.Tariff; Call to India/Local;Rs10/m, Intl.calls;Rs39/m, SMS;Rs10, Data;Rs10/MB514930 Days
Rs5699 USA Smartpack.3GB+Unlimited Incoming +399min calls to India, 30Days.Tariff;Call to India/local;Rs10/m, Intl.calls;Rs39/m, SMS;Rs10,Data;Rs10/MB569930 Days

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Updated: 26/09/2016 — 5:02 PM